System Modeling

System Thinking

I usually identify 3 tools for systems thinking:

My entire website is devoted to developing system thinking in students. Nearly every simulation has Behavior Over Time Graphs. Every simulation is built with the Stock-and-Flow modeling program Stella from iseesystems, however, I also use InsightMaker with my students. Finally, I had the opportunity to work with Mark Nielsen from HHMI and David Julian from the University of Florida to produce Model Builder. This application is to help develop students' system modeling skills.

Behavior Over Time Graph

Model Builder

Model Builder is a web tool that I helped produce for HHMI BioInteractive. Model Builder is for creating and working with models in the classroom. It allows users to diagram simple models to illustrate complex systems. Critically, it allows students to check their own work while building their models and allows automated scoring of students’ models by educators. Model Builder is designed to be useful to beginners and can be an on-ramp to more sophisticated modeling platforms. 

Check out Model Builder's:

Stock and Flow Model (from Model Builder)

Causal Model (from Model Builder)

Bathtubs are a common example of how stock and flow systems work because bathtubs accumulate water with an inflow (faucet) and an outflow (drain).